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Blear Moon
Blear Moon
Blear Moon aka. Vlas Presnetsov was born in the city of Snezhinsk, at the center of Russia, on boundary of Europe and Asia.
In 2007 has independently started to master a six-string guitar. In a year takes game lessons on a violoncello from one of the best teachers of area.
Interest in the field of sound experiments with acoustic music instruments, searches of new sounding generates musical project Blear Moon in 2009.
Vlas is in constant creative search and in the writing it is not restricted to one musical genre and style.
For example, since recent time it has started to work over setting own audio-visual performances.
For the operations it scoops inspiration in works of art of an epoch of romanticism, expressing through music, films and a photo the perception of the environmental validity...


Snezhinsk, Russia

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Releases: Sauvignon Valley.

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